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„Launched in 1930, the Jacobs L-4 series engine is one of the most noteworthy radial engines of all time. It was first and foremost an excellent engine — reliable, smooth-running and relatively fuel-efficient to boot. Early on, the engine was nicknamed the “Shakin‘ Jake” for its propensity to shake vigorously on its mounts when first started and only slightly less vigorously at low rpm. Interestingly, a number of the many airplanes to get Jacobs power include a few of the most beautiful models ever, most notably the Beech Staggerwing, the Cessna 195 and a number of Waco cabin biplanes. The Jacobs L-4 and derivative engines were produced for more than 40 years until the early 1970s. While exact production numbers are hard to come by, the engines number at least 10,000 and were standard equipment in more than a dozen airplanes.“
(Courtesy of Aircraft Engine Historical Society)